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At Business by Barnhill, we know that it can be hard to find the right words. You can spend hours agonizing over the text for a blog post. Chances are this isn't the best use of your time, and you'd rather be doing what you love. So, we are here to take that burden off of your plate. If you are having a difficult time generating content for blog posts or are looking to make your posts more engaging, we can write or edit the content for you. You are not limited to just blog content, either. We are happy to support the writing and editing of your social media posts, text for marketing materials and more. Costs are based on an hourly fee. Please contact us to discuss your copy writing and editing needs.

What we do best...

  • Generate blog content for your business
  • Edit copy provided by client to improve accuracy and readability (for blogs, etc.)
  • Upload and format blog content to website platform (i.e. Squarespace, Wordpress)
  • Generate content for social media platforms and marketing materials
  • General copy writing and editing services

See examples of our work...

Click on the image to see the full blog post on our client's website.

Rachel Frentsos

Rachel Frentsos is a top selling realtor in the Annapolis area and doesn't have time to write and post her blogs on a weekly basis. Each week Rachel sends us content for a post and we edit the text, curate photos, send final version to Rachel for approval, schedule publishing of the post on her website, assign categories, generate key words and perform some SEO tasks, as well. All of this frees Rachel up to do what she does best...helping her clients find the perfect home and live the Annapolis lifestyle.

Raye of Light Studio

Kathy, the owner of Raye of Light Studio, is an amazing artist that teaches painting, drawing and art classes out of her studio in Annapolis. She wanted to grow her social media presence, but didn't feel comfortable writing her own blog posts. Kathy sends us raw text for her post ideas and we edit the text, prepare the blog for publishing on her website and provide publishing services as well. After the first week of working with us, Kathy said she noticed more traffic to her site.