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If you have an idea for a new business or are looking to take your side-hustle full time, Business by Barnhill can provide the support you need to take the next steps for your small business. We have helped many businesses start, grow and overcome obstacles and we can do the same for you. Please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Business Advising

  • Business Creation
  • Business Plan
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Idea Development
  • Financial Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisition Analysis

Business Spotlight: Wren Bridal

Wren Bridal all started with a meeting at Starbucks and a legal pad filled with Erica and Christina's ideas for a new business. Tom helped them create a business plan that outlined their basic business concept, implementation plan, target markets, and financial needs. He then created a detailed budget and projections for the business and worked closely with Erica and Christina's investor to garner the funds needed to start up the business. Tom worked with them to put a plan in place for starting the business, funding, planning, location scouting and on going financial health of the business. Meanwhile, Erica and Christina were developing their brand, researching and selecting bridal gown designers and overseeing the day to day construction and build out of the shop. After many months of planning, number crunching and hard work, Erica and Christina opened the doors of Wren Bridal and continue to be a huge success today. Tom still meets with them monthly to review their business finances and provides continued support and advice, as needed. 

From Erica and Christina, Owners of Wren Bridal

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"We first met with Tom Barnhill in February of 2015, when Wren was just a beautiful, lofty idea (in fact, it didn't even have a name yet!). At a time in which our minds and hearts were just as full of excitement as they were of anxiety, our first meeting with Tom, who not only unequivocally believed in us, but who additionally gave us the advice, support, and logistical next steps we needed, is an extremely special and significant tenet in our story of how Wren came to be the business it is today."